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Nehemiah's Restoration
Medical & Mental Healthcare  Center


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A Never Ending Problem...

Throughout the years while working in this region, we have struggled with keeping the people we care for healthy.  The lack of convenient and adequate healthcare has continually complicated our efforts for years.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that Kenya has a "doctor to patient" ratio of 1 doctor for 16,000 patients.  The appropriate ratio, recommended by WHO to be 1 doctor to 300 patients.

In Siaya County, where we work, they have just 182 healthcare facilities, for a population of one million plus people, that's 1 facility for every 5,500 people.

Most people in the area must walk 3 to 5 miles to receive some type of healthcare and because the cost of transportation and healthcare is expensive, and coupled with having to wait for days to see a healthcare provider... well... in most cases people simply don't bother with going.


Unfortunately, this has led to untimely deaths among our people...

Take for example...

The grandmother shown here, was providing care for her eight grandchildren, because of the untimely deaths of all of her children due to HIV.  One day, she became ill from a common cold.  But, because the nearest healthcare clinic was 5 miles away, she chose not to leave her grandchildren alone to travel to see a physician.  A few weeks later, she died due to upper respiratory complications. 


Our Community Group was forced to split up the children to provide them care in other people's homes. 


This young man, John, (pictured below) was so good at mathematics at his secondary school that the principal asked, if he'd stay around to help tutor the students there with their mathematical skills.  His tutorship turned into a full-time teaching position.  However, the Ministry of Education required him to have his teaching credentials in order to continue with his work there.  So, Nehemiah's Restoration paid for his credentialing process.

Eleven months after John received his credentialing, he contracted a kidney ailment.  When he finally got to the nearest healthcare facility, he was misdiagnosed, given medication and sent home. 

Because of the misdiagnosis, the medication he was given only complicated the illness.  John became so ill, that he was unable to return to the healthcare facility and just a few days later after receiving his medications, he died...


These are just a couple of the many stories the people in our Community Groups have in common.  

Too little access, too little care and too far to go to get it...  

The simplest of illnesses, becomes life-threating far... too often!


      But, we have a solution!

Solving the Problem...

In the summer of 2020, Nehemiah's Restoration set out on a development project to design a State-of-The-Art  Mental, Medical and Spiritual healthcare facility to care for the mentally, physically and spiritually less fortunate in the communities where we work.


The renderings below are the start of                                                   Something Spectacular!

Interested in Helping Us Fund The Center?

There are numerous ways to help us fund the Center
just click "Fund the Center" above.

Interested in Helping Us Fund The Center?

There are numerous ways to help us fund the Center
just click "Fund the Center" above.

Development Phases
Where Your Funds Go...


Secure 10 acres

In the months prior to April, 2023 we have been speculating parcels of land that are a minimum of 10 acres in size.


It is our goal, that by the end of 2023; we will have identified a parcel of land that meets our requirements and start the process of securing the property for the Healthcare Center Campus.


Develop Utilities 

This phase of construction will consist of building a security wall around the perimeter of the property and installing full-time security.

However, prior to this construction, a deep water well with water tower cisterns will need to be drilled and built first.  Electricity will need to be brought on to the property and a sceptic sanitation system will need to be developed that will be adequate for the entire project.


Facilities Construction I

This will be the first phase of our Facilities Construction.  It is our desire to construct the Conference, Housing and Commissary Center first, so that we can facilitate all aspects of the Center prior to the construction of the Medical Center and Mental Healthcare facilities.  In this first phase facility, the center will have a small healthcare clinic, rooms dedicated to mental healthcare and training rooms for spiritual leadership development. 


Additionally, the upper-level housing will be made available for incoming volunteers to the campus with the lower-level commissary being available for food services to all on campus. 


Facilities Construction II

The second phase of the Facilities Construction we will be focused on the development to the Medical healthcare facility.  At this time all current medical and mental healthcare activities (including the Women's Rescue Center) will be moved to the Medical Healthcare Center.


The Medical Healthcare Center will be developed with a General Medicine Clinic where people with common illnesses can be treated. Additionally, this will be a full-service Hospital with a Men's Wing at one end and a  Women's Wing at the other end of the building. The Center will also have an Emergency Surgical Center where surgeries for emergency and scheduled surgeries can take place.



Facilities Construction III

In this final phase of the Facilities Construction, will be for the Women's Rescue Center.  At that time all of the mental healthcare activities will be move from the Medical Healthcare Center.  

The Women's Rescue Center will be the focus of assisting abused women in the region that are in need of temporary separation from their family situation.  There they will receive mental and medical healthcare.

This facility will also be the center for other mental healthcare patient care and mental healthcare social worker training. 


Help us end Generational Poverty for children in Western Kenya.

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