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Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by keeping AIDS Orphans off the streets, out of orphanages and supporting them in their extended-family homes.

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Project Book Bag

Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by purchasing a colorful handcrafted Book Bag from an AIDS Orphan Caregiver micro-enterprise and support a family.

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Build A Home
Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by providing a safe and efficient home for AIDS orphaned children living with their extended-family.

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Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by telling the REAL story of a family suffering with AIDS and the devastation it leaves on the children.
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Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by providing Safe Houses for young people enslaved by sex trafficking and prostitution.

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Help STOP the Cycle of Poverty by supplying deep water wells for uncontaminated food sources in developing countries.

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Global AIDS Epidemic
39 Million dead, 18 Million orphaned and abandoned...


Nepal Earthquake
8,000 dead many still missing...


Colorado Floods
2,000 Homeless over 2,000 Sq Miles...


Hurricane Sandy
200,000 Left Homeless...


Colorado Wildfires
Est. $450 M in property damages...


U.S.A. Tornadoes
Est. $2 Billion in devastation to date...


East Africa Famine
100,000 lives lost...

Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami
1.1 Million homes and businesses obliterated...


Haiti Earthquake
3.5 Million lives forever altered...


Hurricane Katrina
250,000 left unemployed...


Indian Ocean Tsunami
1 Million left homeless...


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2016 - 2014
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Date Event
Feb 2017

AIDSOrphan712 Video Documentary Project
Siaya, Kenya

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NR HEADLINE NEWS                       as of Oct 3, 2016

Oct 3, 2016
Kenya Team Makes HUGE Impact!

During the month of August, Nehemiah's Restoration hosted a group of 18 youth and their chaperones from the Crossing Church of the Nazarene out of Westminster, Colorado.  The work they performed there left a lasting impression on the locals with eternal implications!


Mar 28, 2016
Newest Young Legend Inductee

Meet Juliet!  Seen here holding a picture of her sponsors, Juliet is the newest inductee to our Young Legend Intern & Educational Sponsorship Program.   (READ MORE)


Nov 23, 2015
VooDoo and Rape!  -  REVISITED!

I am so HAPPY to report to you that upon our return to her this September, we found her fully RESTORED!  (READ MORE)


JUNE 22, 2015
VooDoo and Rape!  -  Please READ This Article!

The physician confirmed the young girl had been raped, but what I heard next I could not comprehend! (READ MORE)


OCTOBER 1st, 2013

First Two AIDSOrphan712 "BUILD A HOME" Projects COMPLETED!

Project Team Returns from Kisumu!

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!!  We are pleased to announce the completion of our very first two  “Build A Home projects!

“Build A Home” projects are designed to assist AIDS Orphaned children and their extended families by building a home they can all live together in.  Additionally, the project replaces homes that are un-repairable and in dire need of replacement. Finally, “Build A Home” projects ask the recipient families to give back some assistance to the AIDSOrphan712 program in an effort to get local indigence people involved in the AIDSOrphan712 program

The Bollinger Famil
y was the first sponsor to “Build A Home” for Cynthia Akinyi and her family. 

Rachel Bollinger at the finished home for Cynthia and her family.

Our team working beside the local volunteers.

How-To-Build a mud and stick home in Africa.

This is Cynthia's new home with her mother and siblings.


Cynthia was also the first recipient of our “Young Legends” program.  Since our assistance with tuition and school supplies through this program, she has moved to third in her class of 45 students in test scores and has shown exceptional leadership in class!  Cynthia will be required to provide an internship to the AIDSOrphan712 program where additional leadership skills will be taught and where she will learn how to be involved in the program.

The Guildner Family was the second sponsor to “Build A Home”
for Jared


Jared was in desperate need of new housing where he could sleep in the same home with his step-mother and step-brothers.  The house that he was sleeping in had to be demolished!

Here is Jared and his Step-Mother and Step-Brother next to their new home!


Local volunteers helped build the mud and stick walls.  Our team worked right along side the local volunteers. 

Along with building these homes a dedication service was conducted the next day.  A family picture placard from the sponsoring family was given to the recipient family, with a community dinner for the recipient family, community leaders, local pastor, friends of the church and all the people in the community that helped build the home.  Later in the day volunteers helped the recipient family move into their new home!


These first two homes are the prototype for future home projects.  We'd like to thank Founder and President Rob Bollinger and his daughter Rachel, to be among the first to test the process of production for these homes and will set the stage for future “International Teams” to do the same.

If you'd like to become a “Build A Home” sponsor for our March 2014 trip and come along with us to celebrate with your recipient family, please provide your "Build A Home" gift by clicking:




For information on attending a "Build A Home" field projectCONTACT US.